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Streetscape Management: Branding, Website Design

Project type

Branding & Website Design


July 2023


Charlotte, North Crolina


In the heart of North Carolina, amidst the serene landscapes, blossoms Streetscape - a dedicated landscaping company committed to turning outdoor spaces into dreamscape realities. Streetscape approached Ghost & Union seeking a fresh start, a rebrand, and a digital space to showcase their remarkable services and values. The challenge was clear - to create a warm, professional brand image and a simple, yet impactful online presence.


Streetscape had a clear vision in mind. They wanted a brand and website that reflected their commitment to simplicity and excellence. A single-page website was the chosen avenue to showcase their services promptly and professionally. The design had to be clean, evoking warmth while maintaining a sense of professionalism in line with their ethos.


Understanding the Essence of Streetscape:
We immersed ourselves in the world of Streetscape, understanding their values, goals, and unique style. We felt the passion for landscaping that resonated in every conversation, and we wanted to mirror that enthusiasm in their brand and website.

Crafting the Brand Identity:

Keeping in mind Streetscape's preference for simplicity and warmth, we designed a clean, minimalist brand identity. The logo was an elegant blend of greens, symbolizing nature, growth, and their core business - landscaping.

Designing the One-Page Website:

The one-page website was meticulously designed to ensure a seamless user experience. Sections were crafted to showcase their services, testimonials, projects, and a quick contact form - all in a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate format.

Balancing Professionalism with Warmth:

To maintain professionalism, we chose a clean layout with a soothing color palette. The imagery featured their stunning projects and services. Every aspect of the website was meticulously curated to convey the warmth and dedication that Streetscape brings to every project.


The transformation was remarkable. Streetscape now boasts a brand that echoes their passion for landscaping, and a website that swiftly and elegantly showcases their expertise. The one-page website efficiently presents their offerings, allowing potential clients to quickly grasp the essence of what Streetscape offers. The feedback has been overwhelming, highlighting the seamless user experience and the harmony between the brand and the digital platform.


The Streetscape project was more than just branding and a website. It was about crafting an identity that matched their dedication, embodying their values, and creating a digital home that resonated with their audience. Ghost & Union is proud to have been part of this transformative journey, paving the way for Streetscape to continue flourishing in the world of landscaping.

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